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For emergencies, Dial 911.

For after hours care, call the clinic where you are a patient

Monfort Family Clinic
2930 11th Ave., Evans, CO

Main number:  970.353.9403

FAX:  970.353.5884

Sunrise Adelante Clinic
1010 A Street, Greeley, CO

Main number:  970.313.0400

FAX:  970.313.0404

Loveland Community Health Center
302 3rd Street SE, Loveland, CO

Main number:  970.669.4855

FAX:  970.669.7389

Dental:  970.461.8942

Sunrise Family Dental
1006 A Street, Greeley, CO

Main number:  970.352.0048

FAX:  970.352.1120

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Questions? Contact us.

Use this for for General inquiries only 

If you need to make an appointment, get a prescription filled, etc.,

please call the office where you are a patient


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