At our twelve clinic locations, you have access to quality, affordable medical, dental, behavioral health, and vision care.



We are here for you! At Sunrise Community Health, we offer comprehensive, integrated care for the
whole person. Learn more about our services, including our
new vision services below:

Wellness, Prevention,

Sick Care

Our compassionate, dedicated team at Sunrise provides primary care services that aim to both prevent and treat illness. Providers work as part of our patient care team to help diagnose and treat you with the goal of achieving lasting health. These services include:
Wellness - Initial comprehensive health assessment, history, and examination, health screenings and physicals for all ages, including pediatric care
Prevention – Immunizations, health education, cancer screening (through mammography & colonoscopy referrals)
Sick care - Diagnosis and treatment of urgent illness & minor injuries, management of chronic diseases, care management.


We provide affordable, integrated, high-quality dental services from licensed professionals – including general practitioners, a pediatric dentist, and dental hygienists. Our comprehensive dental services for adults and children include the following:
Preventive care - oral health education, prophylaxis, fluoride, and X-rays.
Restorative treatment - cavity restorations, extractions, root canal treatment, deep cleaning, and more.
Rehabilitative treatment - crowns, bridges, and removable dentures.
Emergency care – for serious, emerging dental issues that need immediate attention.

Behavioral Health

In partnership with North Range Behavioral Health and  SummitStone Health Partners, Sunrise offers integrated behavioral health services at all of our primary care clinics. We are committed to treating the whole person, and behavioral health services are available to help you with issues such as depression, anxiety, diabetes management, weight loss, smoking cessation, and drinking or drug use problems.


NEW!  All Sunrise patients have access to vision care services that are affordable and integrated with their primary care provider. Our vision care services are located at Monfort Family Clinic and include comprehensive eye exams, dilations, retinal scanner readings, and eyeglass prescriptions, among other common optometry services.

Pharmacy, Lab, Xray

Pharmacy – As a Sunrise patient, you have convenient access to our in-house, full-service pharmacies at Monfort Family Clinic and Loveland Community Health Center. Pharmacy staff works closely with your primary care team to ensure you receive medications that are safe, effective, and affordable. We will help you to fill and refill your prescriptions, transfer prescriptions, manage medications, coordinate benefits, and find financial assistance. Sunrise Community Health is a designated 340B healthcare organization/entity. The 340B Drug Pricing Program is a federal program that allows Sunrise patients to purchase outpatient medications at significantly reduced prices.
Laboratory Services – Our experienced team can perform a range of standard laboratory services in-house for Sunrise patients. We also have access to more complex services through agreements with private laboratories.
X-ray – We provide in-house X-ray services for Sunrise patients as well as referrals to outside radiology services, if needed.

Family Planning

Sunrise offers a full range of Women’s Health and Pregnancy Care services, including women’s well-care services, prenatal and post-partum care, and family health services.
Pregnancy Care - We provide integrated health services to women before, during, and after pregnancy, including:

Deliveries – in partnership with North Colorado Family Medicine residency & Banner Health-North Colorado Medical Center.
Education & support in nutrition, breastfeeding, and newborn care.
Group OB visits, behavioral health, care management, social services.
WIC (Women, Infants & Children) services.
Women’s Health – We offer health services for women of all ages, including Pap screening for cervical cancer, minor gynecologic procedures, referral for mammography, STI screening, pregnancy testing, and more.
Family Health – We provide voluntary family health services for birth control methods, natural family planning techniques, vasectomies, and tubal ligations.

Sunrise Community Health serves everyone.  Fees are based on ability to pay.  We screen for eligibility for Health First (Medicaid) and Medicare; CICP; CHP+; subsidies on the Health Insurance Exchange and our sliding fee scale.  We accept payment plans. Click here to learn more.