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MADRE sculpture

This iron sculpture entitled MADRE is on longterm loan to us by artist and former Sunrise physician and co-medical director Jerry Nelson. "MADRE is meant to depict a mother carrying her child. Read Jerry's description of his work below....

May 29, 2020

"Dear Ms. Moran, Board and Administrative Members,

I am pleased to offer my sculpture MADRE on loan to Sunrise Community Health Center. As some of you know, I have been creating steel sculpture since before my tenure at Sunrise and have been more prolific since then.

MADRE is meant to depict a mother carrying her child. It was inspired by a geometric sculpture I saw in a Roman Museum. MADRE is a piece created from a section of a 100-year-old water tower tank that supplied the Mason City “County Home”. The County Home was self-sufficient farm donated to the county in 1883 to serve as a place for poor, homeless, and disabled people to work and live until their fortunes improved, so the steel in this piece has the good karma of life giving support for 100 years.

While MADRE is on loan to Sunrise, Ms. Moran and the Board can have full discretion on where and how it is displayed. On the date of Ms. Moran’s retirement from Sunrise, the ownership of MADRE will go to Ms. Moran and she can decide what will happen with it at that time.

I have the fondest memories of my time at Sunrise Community Health Center and consider it the pinnacle of my medical career. Ms. Moran’s motivation, inspiration and leadership were a huge part of this and it continues to be for this organization. So this sculpture is as much about her “mothering” leadership as it is about the incredible support Sunrise gives to the young families in Greeley.

I trust you will enjoy this artwork."

- Jerry Nelson


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